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Comprehensive Cancer Trials Unit
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Clinical Services

Chairman and Chief of Service,
Cluster Coordinator (Oncology), NTEC

Professor Chan Tak Cheung Anthony

Honorary Professor
Professor Johnson Philip James
Professor LE Quynh-Thu
Professor Huang Wenli
Professor SIU Lillian
Professor Yung Wai Kwan Alfred
Professor Zeng Yixin

Professor (by courtesy)
Professor Zee Chung Ying Benny

Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant Professor /
Adjunct Assistant Professor / Honorary Research Fellow
Honorary Assistant Professor / Research Assistant Professor
Dr. Chan Lam Stephen
Dr. Li Lili
Dr. Loong Ho Fung Herbert
Dr. Lui Wai Yan Vivian
Prof. Ma Buig Yue Brigette
Prof. Mok Shu Kam Tony
Dr. Radha Raghupathy
Prof. Tao Qian
Dr. Wong Sze Chuen Cesar
Dr. Wong Chi Hang Eric
Prof. Yeo Winnie

Consultant / Senior Medical Officer / Associate Consultant
Dr. Chan Tung Ching Vicky
Dr. Ho Wing Ming
Dr. Hui Pun
Dr. Kam Koon Ming Michael
Dr. Lam Kwok Chi
Dr. Lau Kwan Hang Thomas
Dr. Lee Kun Min Mimi
Dr. Lei Ieng Kit Kenny
Dr. Leung Sing Fa
Dr. Li Wa
Dr. Poon Ming Chun Darren
Dr. Poon Ngai Ying Annette
Dr. Suen Joy See Joyce
Dr. Tsang Wai Kong
Dr. Yau Sau Han
Dr. Yeung Wing Kay
Dr. Yu Kwok Hung

Dr. Li Leung
Dr. Mok Siu Ting Florence

Medical Officers / Residents
Dr. Chan Chiu Yan Alvita
Dr. Lam Chor Man Daisy
Dr. Lee Wai Chung Kirsty
Dr. Ng Tsz Yi Joyce
Dr. Ip Iong Iong
Dr. Soo Man Tak Winnie
Dr. Teresa Tse
Dr. Wong Chi Yan
Dr. Wong Chun Wai Kenneth
Dr. Yeung Ting Yan Vanessa
Dr. Yeung Wui Ming Eva

Administrative staff

Department Manager (Physics) (Acting)
Dr. Lee Kit Yee Louis

Department Manager (Radiographers)
Kwok Po Ming Gary

Department Operation Manager
Chang Pui Wan Shirley

Business Manager
Ng Fung Ha Annie

Lui Chui Chi Gigi

Mo Kwok Fai Frankie

Department Photo