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Organizational Structure

Comprehensive Cancer Trials Unit (CCTU)
General Office, G05, G/F
Sir Yue-Kong Pao Center for Cancer
Prince of Wales Hospital
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, New Territories
Tel: (852)2632 1042, (852)2632 1215
Fax: (852)2632 5816

Director Dr. Edwin Hui
Gigi Lui
Disease/Modality Sites:
Liver: Prof. Winnie Yeo
  Dr. Stephen L Chan
Nasopharynx / Colon: Prof. Anthony Chan
  Prof. Brigette Ma
Breast / Gynecology / Stomach / HBV reactivation: Prof. Winnie Yeo
Lung / Traditional Chinese Medicine / Cancer Screening: Prof. Tony Mok
Radiotherapy / Nasopharynx / Oesophagus: Dr. Sing-Fai Leung
Hematologic Malignancy: Dr. Kenny Lei
Statistician / Database Programmer: Frankie Mo
Study Nurses: Karen Chak
  Jane Koh
  Rosalie Ho
  Wilson Lau
  Sherlaine Yau
  Nicole Yim
Clinical Research Assistants: Ka-Wah Chu
  Terence Ho
  Maggie Cheung
  Elizabeth Pang
  Money Lam
Office Supporting: Eliza Lau
  Karen Kwong

Executive Committee:

Diagnostic Radiology:
Prof. Anil Ahuja
Diagnostic Radiology: Dr. Simon Yu
Head of Department of Clinical Oncology, Director of Cancer Center: Prof. Anthony Chan
Nursing Representative: Ms. Shirley Chang
Radiotherapy Representative: Dr. Sing-Fai Leung
  Mr. Gary Kwok
Chemical Pathology Representative: Prof. Dennis Lo
Study Chair for Hematological Malignancy: Dr. Kenny Lei
Study Chair for Radiotherapy/ NPC/ Oesophagus: Dr. Sing-Fai Leung
Study Chair for Liver Cancer Prof. Winnie Yeo
CCTU Administrator: Ms. Gigi Lui
  Ms. Vengie Lau
Study Chair for Lung/ Traditional Chinese Medicine: Prof. Tony Mok
Anatomical & Cellular Pathology: Prof. K. F. To
Radiotherapy Representative: Dr. Sing-Fai Leung
Basic Science Representative: Prof. Qian Tao
  Prof. Cesar Wong
  Prof. Vivian Lui
  Prof. Eric Wong
Study Chair for Palliative Care: Dr. Sing-Fai Leung / Dr. S.H. Yau
Study Chair for Breast/ Gynecology/ Stomach/ HBV Reactivation: Prof. Winnie Yeo
Director of CCTU (Chairperson): Dr. Edwin Hui